White Rabbit Park

Vung Tau is a famous tourist destination and familiar with the local people as well as tourists in the country. Although not own many beautiful beaches, but every year, this place welcomes thousands of visitors to resort, leisure after tired work. If you are wondering what to play in Vung Tau outside the beach, resort? Paradise Recreation White Rabbit Park in Vung Tau is a new entertainment destination that you should visit.

About White Rabbit Park in Vung Tau

The park is located at 3 Thuy Van Street and Le Hong Phong Street, Thang Tam Ward, Vung Tau City. Magic Paradise White Rabbit is the first community playground in Vung Tau, creating new, diverse and rich products for the tourism industry of Ba Ria – Vung Tau.

Although newly established but this resort is the destination to Vung Tau people are curious to find because this place is designed in Japanese style, in harmony with the scenery of the coastal city of Vung Tau. If you are wondering what to play in Vung Tau, the presence of amusement park has created a rich list of tourist sites in Vung Tau.

Great experience at the White Rabbit Park

It is divided into two main areas: an indoor play area and an outdoor play area. Outdoor play area will have some thrilling games you can try. The outdoor play area is divided into two main areas: an amusement park for young people and a children’s area. Powerful thrills like the pirates of the Caribbean, the roller coasters, flying saucers, etc. will give you a great feeling for those who love adventure, conquer speed and altitude.

Besides the thrilling games, traditional games can never be lacking here. The children can have fun but still safe and creative thinking such as folk games, Donal duck, Highland dance, steam house, fishing lake, fairy train, royal carriage.

In the children’s play area, the children will be attracted by many exciting games such as the aircraft, Mexican Music, House, Fishing Lake, Cheo Boat Lake, statues and folk games. These games will have many attractive gifts and especially to help children practice skills and ingenuity.

In addition, the indoor game X Game has more than 100 machines with the new modern games will bring the children endless fun and beautiful memories with the family.

What to eat when coming to the White Rabbit Park?

If you are wondering what to eat when visiting the White Rabbit Play area can refer to the dining area. The restaurant chain with the café with beautiful design, cozy will serve tourists delicious dishes Vung Tau and regional flavor, making your fun is complete.

Comfortable space and beautiful views are also good points for you to relax, chat with friends, family, dispel mental stress. Paradise White Rabbit Recreation Vung Tau is located at 9 Thuy Van, Le Hong Phong and Thuy Van junction. Service time: 15h – 22h Monday to Friday; 8pm – 11pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. You should take note to have a fun trip.

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