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Grilled chicken leg in 8th Street

Ninh Binh is one of the famous places in Vietnam, especially after filming in Kong: Skull Island. If you are planning to come here, read this article to know where to eat in Ninh Binh and enjoy the cuisine here!

There are many specialities such as Mountain Goat meat, Com Chay Ninh Binh( also known as Ninh Binh rice crust), fish salad, moutain snais, fermented pork roll,… Ninh Binh rice crust is one of the famous speciallities of Ninh Binh which is different from other parts of the sheep until sauce comes. Tourists also can buy some foods as a gift for family, friends like Ninh Binh rice crust, Shrimp Sauce,…However, the question come to tourists is where to eat in Ninh Binh. Below is the list of some restaurants that we would like to recommend to you


1. Duc Goat Ninh Binh Restaurant

2. Eel vermicelli at Mrs Phan restaurant

3. Hoang Giang Restaurant

4. Thang Long Restaurant

5. Grilled chicken leg in 8th Street

6. Hoang Long Restaurant

7. Ba Cua Restaurant

8. Kim Da Restaurant

1. Duc Goat Ninh Binh Restaurant

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Traveling to Ninh Binh without eating goat meat, you really missed the delicious food specialties are extremely famous in the old capital. Ninh Binh has a lot of restaurants selling goats, but Duc Goat Restaurant is more popular. The restaurant’s food is processed delicious mouth and not too high prices.

duc goat restaurant

There are also specialties of fire rice Ninh Binh, so you can eat or buy as gifts for family, friends. Duc Goat Restaurant is a good eatery in Ninh Binh located in the center of the city, so after the tour you go back to the city to enjoy the famous meat goat at this restaurant!


2. Eel vermicelli at Mrs Phan restaurant

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Beside Nghe An, Ninh Binh is also very famous for eel, which is typical of Mrs. Phan’s eel. You can come to this authentic eel vermicelli in the city center. This is a good eatery in Ninh Binh that retains its traditional intact to this day.

Mrs Phan restaurant

The brand of Mrs. Phan’s eel is famous throughout the old capital since the 1960s. If you ask somebody at here where to eat in Ninh Binh, I think more than 70% will tell you this name.

Before she death, she passed the job to her three sons, then they opened 3 restaurants are standing next to each other on Tran Hung Dao Street, become a destination can’t be ignored when you come to Ninh Binh.

Besides picking fresh eel for cooking, eel vermicelli is especially famous in broth. The chef of the eel bones with pig bone together to make the broth is brown, the characteristic bold. The food is accompanied by chopped banana flower combining herbs to eat very strange mouth, adding to the deliciousness of the bowl of eel vermicelli.

In addition, vermicelli also needs to be processed from pure Dong, not doped, with fine fiber, transparent. Other spices such as galangal, chives, fish sauce, shrimp paste, lemon, lime leaves, pepper, chili all need fresh. The scent of eel sprout spread sweetly throughout a wide space here as offering so that visitors can hardly ignore every opportunity to Ninh Binh.

3. Hoang Giang Restaurant

Did you know : Ninh Binh is a UNESCO World Heritage Site  and become a tourist center with many tourist attractions. Booking Ninh Binh tours to visit this wonderful places

Hoang Giang Restaurant is located near the romantic Hoang Long River, adjacent to the ancient capital of Hoa Lu. Trang An Ecotourism Resort, Bai Dinh Pagoda Tourism Area. This is the ideal place for you to enjoy the essence of nature. Besides, you also enjoy specialties such as burnt rice, Goat meat or vegetarian dishes with bold characteristics of food culture Ninh Binh.

Hoang Giang Restaurant

Hoang Giang restaurant is located on 5ha area with spacious, airy, restaurant with large dining room serving 2500 guests at the same time. In addition, the restaurant has special dining room for the family, VIP guests with private space. The stilt house serves vegetarian dishes. The restaurant has professional chefs, dynamic staff, enthusiasm, rich experience.

4. Thang Long Restaurant

Everyone knows how famous Ninh Binh goat meat and also many good restaurants in Ninh Binh serve goat meat, from long time to newly opened. However, to assess a quality restaurant, we need to pay attention to the criteria: food, space and service.

Thang Long Restaurant

According to many recent reviews of tourists, Thang Long Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Ninh Binh is worth the most. (On the prestigious Foody rating page, the restaurant scores very high)

Goat meat is very fresh, cooked with a traditional hot sauce is delicious. The burnt rice is brittle, delicious and many customers buy more to bring out. The space is spacious and not over crowded. The staff of attentive service is also a big plus, making the restaurant more diners than many goat meat restaurants.

5. Grilled chicken leg in 8th Street

A popular snack in Ninh Binh is the grilled chicken leg in street 8. This is the special address of Ninh Binh people in the evening, eating chicken legs and chat with friends.

Grilled chicken leg in 8th Street

If the chicken legs barbecue Ly Van Phuc – Hanoi go to the heart of the young as a great memory, chicken legs grilled street 8 – TP. Ninh Binh is also an uncommon destination for young people here and visitors to Ninh Binh.

In the winter, the days of cold weather covering the Northen so that the footsteps out of the house must be equipped like ninjas, but when thinking of the dotted, greasy crispy, scented flavors of the Grilled chickenleg then the cold is dispelled.

It takes only 10 minutes (no matter where you are in Ninh Binh City) that you have come to the famous street with lots of snacks. You will have to wait a few minutes to choose Ninh Binh delicious restaurant to stop there, by this small street is a series of bars close together. But whether you choose any restaurant is equally delicious.

6. Hoang Long Restaurant

Located in the heart of Ninh Binh city, with a convenient location, fresh air and space, Hoang Long Restaurant is the ideal place to stop when visiting Ninh Binh.

Hoang Long Restaurant

Hoang Long Restaurant specializes in serving mountain goat and burnt rice, specialties of the ancient capital Ninh Binh, with the first team of experienced cookers in the industry and professional staff trained through School class, serving courtesy, considerate. It is a good place for visitors to stop by boat on the Trang An River, or visit Bai Dinh one of the heritage is certified by UNESCO. Moreover, you can feel the difference of dishes made from goats, sipping more sips of Kim Son wine.

7. Ba Cua Restaurant

Ba Cua restaurant is a very popular destination that attracts a lot of visitors when coming to Ninh Binh. The restaurant is located between the limestone mountain and the famous Trang An tourist area. Decorative style of this palce is close to nature, diverse cuisine from Asia to Europe. Especially specialties such as Ninh Binh mountain goat, burnt rice….

Ba Cua Restaurant

To Ninh Binh, you return to the capital of a time of Dai Co Viet with many beautiful, and you can visit the largest temple complex in Southeast Asia – Bai Dinh pagoda with majestic architecture but contains the traditional identity of Vietnam. After a sightseeing trip, pilgrimage to the ancient capital, if you need a warm space, comfortable comfort but still meet the privacy of the family, The three-door restaurant is the perfect choice for you.

8. Kim Da Restaurant

At the beginning of Ninh Binh (direction from Hanoi), Kim Da Restaurant is one of the few delicious restaurants in Ninh Binh that still retain almost full processing traditional specialties.

With the stilt-style architecture, Kim Da’s dining room is divided into 2 floors with spacious area, designed in VIP style on the first floor and large lounge on the second floor, so you can relax comfortably with the unique green space of the ancient capital.

Kim Da Restaurant

The restaurant is full of traditional cuisine of Ninh Binh such as food from hill-chicken, mountain goats, burnt rice served with sauce …

In addition to the traditional foods, Kim Da is also a familiar address of highland gourmet specialties such as sticky rice, vegetables, mountain pig (steamed pork, grilled pork, fried…).

Above is some great place for you to come when traveling to Ninh Binh. As you know, this is the ancient capital of Vietnam so it contains the old culture of country so the cuisine at here really special. I hope this article can shows you where to eat in Ninh Binh then you can easy pick some place to come! Let’s discover them as soon as possible!

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