Don’t travel to Ha Giang if you are not read this yet

Go to Ha Giang then discover the majestic scenery of the land north pole. Ha Giang is worth a visit, worth admiring all time of year. Where the roads run up to the blue sky, where the country morphs emerged as the map, where terraces of labor strike … Ha Giang is a destination so beautiful that nobody can ignored.

How to travel to Ha Giang?

Going to Ha Giang there are many ways, you can take passenger car to Ha Giang then rent a motorcycle or private car. If you want to take the initiative and provide directions from Hanoi, you can use your own car or motorbike from Hanoi to Ha Giang.

After you get to Ha Giang City, you should rent a motorbike or tour car to explore all the tourist sites of Ha Giang.

Often, people often take passenger car to Ha Giang from the night before, overnight in the car, to about 5 am the next morning to Ha Giang City. When you come to Ha Giang City you have breakfast, then rent a motorbike go from Ha Giang City to Dong Van, Meo Vac, Lung Cu Flag Tower, back to Yen Minh and back to Ha Giang. From Ha Giang to Dong Van you will go through most of the most beautiful tourist spots in Ha Giang.

You can also take bus from Hanoi to Dong Van (lunch break in Ha Giang City), but will miss many beautiful sights of Ha Giang on the way.

When should you go to Ha Giang?

You can travel Ha Giang in any season of the year, because only the roads running in the Highland stone is enough to attract you to visit. Some beautiful times in the year:

– January with peach blossom, plum blossom, yellow broccoli

Spring arrives, everywhere from Quan Ba ​​(Quyet Tien, Minh Tan), Yen Minh (Lao Kham, Na Khe, Bach Dich), Dong Van (Pho Pho, Pho Pho, Pho To, Sa Phin, Phai Toi) Meo Vac (where the fruits are peach, plum, and blooms) along with the black rock of the plateau, with the folds of the walls.

– April with Khau Vai market

Every March 27th lunar year, from all the way the war on the high mountains, the people in the costumes of their own people have to roar, rush down the market, to participate in Khau Vai love market, every year only once.

– May with water season

During the flood season, most of our North West rice fields were flooded in May-June, few places in July, some plots could accumulate water from April; But most beautiful is still implanted, the range from May to June.

– September, October with rice season

The ripening season usually begins in late September and early October.

– November with buckwheat flower season

Buckwheat – The flowers typical of the Ha Giang stone plateau with tiny flowers pink purple flowers attract souls who love flowers and love photography. The land of Ha Giang with the gray stone of the mountain and the pink of the buckwheat flower .

– December with snowfall

In the area of ​​Meo Vac district, Dong Van stone plateau, many places have snow white in the end of December, curious visitors from many places have been fortunate to enjoy the unique scene in the year.

Don’t hesitate anymore! Just pick up your luggage and go on!

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