What should you do when go to Ha Giang?

Ha Giang has a hidden beauty with Dong Van stone plateau, Quan Ba mountain, Lung Cu flag pole, Nho Que green river at Ma Pi Leng peak … Traveling to Vietnam, don’t miss out Ha Giang.


Where should we go at Ha Giang?

The most beautiful destinations in Ha Giang are scattered along the road from Ha Giang City to Dong Van, below are the most beautiful tourist you should not miss on the journey to explore Ha Giang.

You can stop at Thon Tha Cultural Village, next to National Highway 2 and 7 km from downtown Ha Giang. The terraced fields are interwoven with lovely roofs. You will feel the beauty of nature, people here. It seems that Tay ethnic folk dance reflects the habits of living, producing both educational and spiritual elements.

Ha Giang now has 29 cultural villages of community tourism such as Dong Van ancient town, Vuong relic site, stop at Lung Cu flag pole, Mong Hoa cultural tourism village, , Ba Tin village, Thach Lam Vien eco-tourist area, Thanh Ha mineral springs resort, Ban Tuy tourist village, Nam An, Tuy waterfall, Quang Minh ecological lake, Bac Quang.


Come to Ha Giang, you can’t forget to conquer the famous Tay Con Linh peak, with immense primitive forests, deep green mountains of the forest. Moreover, you can enjoy the beauty of Dong Van plateau. Boulders seem cold, lush it is a highlight when UNESCO recognized as a global geological park.

Hoang Su Phi terraces, a beauty of Ha Giang. In terms of historical value, the terraced fields are inherently the only means of subsistence, the creativity in ensuring daily life, but these invisible creatures create artful works of art.

The next attraction on the journey to discover Ha Giang is Bac Sum slope, this is the most dangerous turn in Ha Giang connecting between Minh Tan commune and Quyet Tien commune. From a distance, the Bac Sum slope like soft silk across the mountain. Across the slope of North Sum see the beautiful scene here as a wonderful painting.

What can we eat at Ha Giang?

Ha Giang is a unique culinary world with lots of good food for you. You can experience each dish but do not forget the following names:

  • Thang Co: The aroma of cardamom, spices and lemongrass, mixed with the fat of meat to warm the space between the cold weather. H’Mong people often bring Men Men, buy some wine and Thang Co to invite friends to enjoy.
  • Bac Me Bamboo-tube Rice: This is one of the most characteristic dishes of Ha Giang. The rice is cooked in the bamboo-tube and preserves the flavor of the forest. You will not be able to find this flavor anywhere
  • Stone Moss: This is a delicious and nutritious food, has a very special flavor. According to local people, when looking for moss, they often choose the large moss, because there are many mosses and delicious. Fresh mussel is crushed thoroughly to clean, then can be processed into many dishes.

In Ha Giang, it is easy to find a good restaurant with specialties of Northwest Vietnam. Close to the famous destinations are the places where the most consistent. You can stop for lunch at Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van and Meo Vac.

Okay! Up to now, I think you know many things to start a trip at Ha Giang. Just go now!



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