What happened in the fall of SaiGon?

SaiGon is the biggest economic center of Vietnam. In 1975, a special historical event was happened here. South Vietnam was completely liberated and Vietnam was incorporated into an independent country. So what happened in the fall of Saigon?

US army and allies have completely gone out of Vietnam

The American intervention in Vietnam (1948-1975) was the conduct of a series of US political, diplomatic and military policies and measures aimed at achieving their objectives in Indochina. (in which Vietnam is the focus). This process was seen as a direct cause for the prolongation of the Indochina War and sparked the subsequent Vietnam War. America’s role has gradually come from aid, counseling to direct participation in the war.

American and other allies have increasingly intervened in the battlefields of South Vietnam. The number of soldiers has peaked at over 500,000. However, after the United States and Vietnam signed the Paris Agreement, the US military made the withdrawal of soldiers from the battlefield in Vietnam and completed on 29/03/1973. What happened in the fall of Saigon began with the disbandment the army and there is a lot of militancy between the two sides until now.

After the Paris Accord, the American intervention in the Vietnam War was no longer and the Republic of Vietnam government began to reveal weaknesses. The economy quickly decayed, the military disintegrated and what happened in the fall of Saigon was the decisive moment.

South Vietnam was completely liberated

From 1948 to 1973, South Vietnam was under American control and totally dependent on aid. The economy has no real development and the entire economy depends on the expeditionary forces accompanying the US military.

In this context, the communist government of North Vietnam has mobilized the people to fight for the liberation of the South and to create unity for Vietnam. What happened in the fall of Saigon was the result of intense fighting between the two regions. As a result, North Vietnam won and established a communist regime in Vietnam from 30/04/1975.

After 27 years of fighting, the final result has brought about unity for the country. What happened in the fall of Saigon was a result that had been anticipated. And it happened exactly as people expected.

Vietnam becomes an independent country

After the fall of Saigon, Vietnam became a unified and independent nation. What happened in the fall of Saigon was only narrated by people. There is very little documentation on this subject. After more than 40 years of independence and development, Vietnam’s economy has developed significantly. Large and modern cities appear throughout the country. What happens in the fall of Saigon is gradually being replaced by the development of the country in the new century.

Today, if you come to Vietnam, you will surely be surprised by a completely different country. After more than 40 years of peace, Vietnam has become much more beautiful, no more explosions of bombs, no longer soldiers to patrol on the streets … Come and feel the beauty of Vietnam!


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