What is Vietnamese communication style

Features of Vietnamese culture

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What is Vietnamese communication style? It can be said that the Vietnamese have Asian identity, but there are many differences in communication with other countries in the region. This is also a different point of Vietnamese culture. To better understand the communication style of the Vietnamese, learn more about the following information.

1. What is Vietnamese communication style?

The Vietnamese attach importance to cultural behavior. Therefore, communication is often taken for granted. If you behave improperly when communicating, it can lead to many dilemmas.What is characteristic of Vietnamese communication culture?

Some of the characteristics of Vietnamese communication culture are as follows:

  • Communicate to maintain relationships: This means that Vietnamese people are interested in maintaining relationships with all members of the community. This cause the communication culture of the Vietnamese people attach importance to communication.
  • Vietnamese people follow the principle of love: Vietnamese people are more rational, more affectionate but more sentimental than anything in life. That’s why people use emotions to solve most things.
  • Vietnamese honor: It can be said that because of solemn honor so the Vietnamese often take more formality.However, the Vietnamese are still very sensitive when communicating.
  • Words used in Vietnamese communication culture are very rich. The first is the system of address. Vietnamese relies on kinship to address. Besides, the style of addressing the Vietnamese is very rich. This makes it difficult for foreigners to learn more about the culture of communication.
Features of Vietnamese culture
Features of Vietnamese culture

These features make it unique in Vietnamese communication style. If you want to learn more about Vietnamese culture you need to find out in a longer time.

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2. Features of Vietnamese culture

Vietnamese communication style is one of the factors that make a difference in Vietnamese culture.Besides, there are many other factors that contribute to the diversity and uniqueness of Vietnamese culture.

The diversity of national identity in the presence of many religions, ethnic minorities. That creates a variety of languages and customs. However, the culture of the Vietnamese people still have the same characteristics as the same memory of the source. This is evident in the worship of ancestors of later generations.

Remembering the source is a culture, a beautiful custom worth maintaining. Vietnamese people did very well that when it comes to the occasion of Tet holidays, they also made some dishes for the ancestors. Besides, there is also a special day to remember the merit of builders – Hung King’s death anniversary.

Another unique point in Vietnamese culture as mentioned above is cultural diversity. Due to the natural conditions and conditions of the nation’s history and socio-economic conditions, Vietnamese culture has a tendency of exchanges, integration and improvement that creats a multi-lingual culture, rich in identity.

The above information clearly shows the characteristics of Vietnamese culture. This also affects the lifestyle, habits as well as eating, communication of people.The discovery of unique features in Vietnamese culture has never ceased to amuse.Therefore, more and more foreign tourists want to visit Vietnam to find out more those interesting things.

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