Trung Luong picnic area

Not only are camping, swimming, diving and watching coral, many young people eagerly invite each other to the Trung Luong (Binh Dinh) picnic area to record romantic scenes like the Western. If you have a chance to visit Quy Nhon, please visit this camping site.

Some information about Trung Luong picnic area

Far away from the center of Quy Nhon city about 30km, east of DT 639 road in Trung Luong village, Cat Tien commune, Phu Cat district is Trung Luong park. Trung Luong is one of the most familiar beaches with people as well as visitors to Binh Dinh. From Quy Nhon, tourists go along Nhon Hoi bridge to reach this romantic beach.

This is an ideal picnic spot for young people, families with children or groups of friends. You can choose from a variety of vehicles to go to. Before you go make the necessary camping gear.

What is special about Trung Luong picnic area?

Not to admire the beauty of the Trung Luong Park, perhaps you melted before the scenery along the road. It is the vast Thi Nai Lagoon sparkling silver, are golden sand hills in the sunlight, are the green casuarinas such as soothing the heat of the earth.

Only coming here but visitors can also feel the sea, the smell of the sea, the sea breeze blowing into people. And the sea of Trung Luong almost appeared in front of your eyes.

Since its inauguration, the Trung Luong Picnic area has become a new and exciting destination, attracting many visitors to the camp as well as organizing camp to enjoy the seconds. Peacefully quiet moment, breathe fresh air in this place.

Looking away from the red hut roofs undulate, the rows of colorful seats eye-catching, add a bit of blue grass, yellow sunshine has created a very romantic scene that attracts you just want to break Right down to save the great moment. This place is like a paradise created countless beautiful pictures for you.

Guests can experience one night at the Trung Luong picnic area in the other pretty tents. With friends participating in the collective games, then set fire to the camp and enjoy singing and dancing and certainly can’t miss the moment together to watch the stars.

Trung Luong beach exudes a rustic look, rustic and very fresh. You can also come here to relax, to see all the natural beauty. Here, visitors can also talk with the fishermen honest and sincere, listen to them to talk about the sea, shrimp fish, you will feel the peace at here.

What to eat when coming to Trung Luong picnic area?

Just to Trung Luong Picnic Area, visitors will meet the restaurant with harmonious decoration. Here you can enjoy the taste of the sea: shrimp, fish, squid, crab, crab, … are caught by local fishermen and are baked, fried, steamed or a pot of smoked sausage.

Drop into the sea you can choose to buy fresh seafood have been caught by some fishermen. Beside that, you can enjoy many delicious specialties of Quy Nhon.

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