The statue of Christ the King

God Statue is considered a symbol of the coastal city of Vung Tau and is a favorite destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Situated on the top of Small Mountain (Tao Phung Mountain), the statue is also evidence for the talents and desire to conquer the nature of the Vietnamese. If you have the opportunity […]

Vung Tau Lighthouse

In the Vung Tau tourist trip, in addition to being delighted to play with the beaches, admire the beautiful natural scenery, you are also conquered Vung Tau Lighthouse – one of the interesting attractions that are chosen by many visitors. If you want to know more experience visit the lighthouse of Vung Tau, please refer […]

Don’t travel to Ha Giang if you are not read this yet

Go to Ha Giang then discover the majestic scenery of the land north pole. Ha Giang is worth a visit, worth admiring all time of year. Where the roads run up to the blue sky, where the country morphs emerged as the map, where terraces of labor strike … Ha Giang is a destination so […]

Top 3 things to know for a perfect trip to Sapa

Sapa is one of the tourist destinations in Vietnam which is visited by thousands of international tourists every year. But many of them do not have the perfect experience in this wonderland. Therefore, if you are looking to Sapa then here are 3 things you need to know and remember! Where is Sapa? Sapa […]