Top 4 places you have to go at Ha Long

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Are you anxious to Ha Long Bay just to enjoy the scenery is boring or not? Do not worry! It is also an ideal place for fun activities, modern resorts and first-class facilities. Let’s see what you can experience through 4 places you have to go at Ha Long.

Experience 30 extremly HOT games at Dragon Park

Dragon Park Halong is the largest theme park in South East Asia with nearly 40 hectares of the Sun Group. This place is only 140km from Hanoi with 3h-4h driving. Dragon Park is located in the Sunworld recreational complex Halong Park. This is a world-class amusement park with a lot of exciting new games, unprecedented attraction in Vietnam and has been checked very strict safety so you can be absolutely experience.

The games at Dragon Park are designed to be suitable for many ages such as children, teenagers, adults … so that everyone can find their passion, interest. There are about 30 games of all kinds including super adventurous, giving the feeling of being conquered.

Quang Ninh Museum – “Quang Ninh miniature” on the edge of Halong Bay

Quang Ninh Museum is located in a cluster of museums – libraries in Hong Hai Ward (Ha Long City) on the banks of Ha Long Bay – a natural wonder of the world. This is considered a perfect cultural works and is a stand out point of Ha Long tourism.

Actually, in many people’s minds, the museum is an uninteresting place and is usually just a visit, a little observation, and then overlooked. But that thought is not true for Quang Ninh Museum. This place is much more attractive!

quang ninh museum

Quang Ninh Museum is a unique architectural art ideas from coal – a characteristic mineral of Quang Ninh. Just seen from outside but there are many young people have to “wow” up! And surely you will be the next surprise on this place!

Panoramic view of Ha Long Bay on the giant round

The Queen’s cable car system with a capacity of 230 people or the Sun Round is the attraction of many visitors when coming to Ha Long.

The queen cable car crosses the gate of Cua Luc Bay, connecting Bai Chay Beach to Ba Deo (Hon Gai Island, Halong City). This cable car has received two Guinness records including: Cabin has the largest capacity in the world, reaching 230 people / cabin and the cable car with the highest cable tower in the world, the T1 cable tower (Bai Chay Ward ) 188.88m high.

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Halong In Style 3-Star HaLong Bay 3 Days 2 Night

You will be overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery of Ha Long Bay from above when suspended with this cable car system. It is an extremely experience, isn’t it?

Sleeping on a yacht

It does not have to be a move or an activity. Sometimes you should “lazy” a little on a boat to floating somewhere in Ha Long Bay is also one of the experience you should try it.

Not only sleeping, you can enjoy the cool sea breeze as you are surrounded by beautiful landscapes of the wonders of nature on the yacht cruise around Halong Bay. Drop your soul to the waves with the wind forget the stress of life. Oh that feeling, a sense of peace, no matter who you are or what you have to do, it is great. So, if you can “lazy” a little like that then enjoy it!


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