Things to do in HaLong bay

kayaking exploring halong bay

Everyone wants to go to Halong Bay but few know where to go, what to do when there. Read this article and prepare things to do in Halong Bay! Take a moment to make your trip perfect.


1. Kayaking Exploring Halong Bay

2. Go to Sun World Ha Long Park

3. Panoramic view of Ha Long Bay on the Solar Cycle

4. Stay overnight and sleep on the yacht

5. Quang Ninh Museum – “Quang Ninh miniature” on the edge of Halong Bay

6. Discover the beauty of Ha Long Bay by seaplane

7. Cyclo – Special experience when coming to Ha Long

8. Night view Halong Bay from Bai Chay bridge

9. Shopping in the Bai Chay night market

1. Kayaking Exploring Halong Bay

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The trip by boat was too boring, the journey by seaplane also quickly passed. But when you manually paddle Kayak to explore Ha Long Bay, the feeling is completely different.

The scenery of the mountains, the water blended together into a blue color, the wind blowing from the sea, the space on the luxury Ha Long yacht, dispel the heat of the summer heat. Enjoy the scenery of Ha Long Bay on the kayak makes you feel completely immersed in the unique natural space. You can slow down the boat to wherever you want. How great is it!

Kayaking Exploring Halong Bay

Kayaks are made of composite plastic, cast rubber or inflatable boats with oars. The islands such as Hang Luon, Ba Ham, Dau Be, Hang Co … are suitable places for kayaking tourists. In low caves want to enter the cave many times when you have to lie on the boat using the hand pushed on the cave entrance.

NOTE: When kayaking you may get wet, so you should wear shorts or swimsuit to paddle comfortably, take your camera with you for great moments with only kayaking. However, you must be very careful because it is easy to get water. When participating in kayaking you will be equipped with a life jacket so it is safe if you can’t swim.

2. Go to Sun World Ha Long Park

Sun World Halong Travel Complex is currently divided into two separate areas are coastal amusement park and playground on top of Ba Deo – are connected by a unique cable car system. For fun in these areas you have to buy two tickets for each zone. Although newly opened and quite crowded but you are completely reassured not to worry queue long because there are many ticket stalls ready to serve you.

Go to Sun World Ha Long Park

Coming to Dragon Park, it will be a world of adventure games opened before your eyes. Try Phi Long Express – roller coaster “terrible” in Vietnam or Rhythmic rage, Follow the dragon footprint, Pirate Ship… surely that will be the experience that you can’t forget. If you go with family, the fun and attractive games such as Mystery Journey, Magic umbrella, Cyclone Dance, Reptile Army … will be worth the try.

3. Panoramic view of Ha Long Bay on the Solar Cycle

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Remember when it was just completed, the Queen’s cable car system with a capacity of 230 people or the Solar Cycle has attracted a lot of curiosity from visitors.

Queen Cable car crosses the gate of Cua Luc Bay, connecting from Bai Chay beach to Ba Deo (Hon Gai, Ha Long city), so if you are present on this cable car system you will be overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery of Ha Long Bay from above. Whether it’s a day or a night, the scenery that you experience directly is great!

Panoramic view of Ha Long Bay on the Solar Cycle

Situated on the top of Ba Deo Hill, the Solar Cycle is Vietnam’s second largest and one of the largest in the world. Here, you will be watching Ha Long Bay from the height of 215m above sea level! Taking in the eyes of the large and beautiful images of Ha Long Bay will definitely be an experience not to be missed.

4. Stay overnight and sleep on the yacht

Director Jordan Vogt Robert experienced this feeling and was very excited to talk about it.

Stay overnight and sleep on the yacht

Not only is this bed, you lie on the sea breeze when the surrounding is the beautiful landscape of the wonder of nature on the yacht cruise around Halong Bay. Very well! I rarely lie down, hear the waves, the wind blows in my ear. It is not nearly as close to nature. What a very peaceful and comfortable feeling after the fatigue of everyday life. At this time, do not think, do not bother anything, just “lazy” a little enjoy it. Do you like it?

5. Quang Ninh Museum – “Quang Ninh miniature” on the edge of Halong Bay

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Actually, in many people’s minds, the museum is a rather boring and visitors usually come to see for a short time before going out. But that thought is not true for the Museum of Quang Ninh. This place is much more interesting and interesting than you can think!

Quang Ninh Museum - "Quang Ninh miniature" on the edge of Halong Bay

The Museum of Quang Ninh is a unique architectural art. Just seen from outside but there are many young people have to “wow” up! On the inside, everyone must be overwhelmed by space. With 3 floors, Quang Ninh Museum provides a complete view of visitors to nature and people here.

Whether it’s a museum, but the design and decoration of everything is very modern and perfect to become a destination to attract young people. Comes with that space is so beautiful and spacious, never lack of light. So the things to do in Ha Long bay is not only go around the beach, but you also notice this place!

6. Discover the beauty of Ha Long Bay by seaplane

Hai Au Airlines has officially launched the service seaplane tourism sightseeing Ha Long Bay. There are two Cessna Grand Caravan EX seaplane with wide windows, makes it easy for passengers to enjoy the panoramic view and capture beautiful moments from the sky, you will have the opportunity to experience the journey from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay as well as sightseeing on the bay at an altitude of 500 – 3000m above sea level.

Discover the beauty of Ha Long Bay by seaplane

This is the latest and most modern American seaplane, two-seater and 12 passenger seats, with speeds of up to 300 km / h. This type of aircraft can be flexible, landing on both land and water. Instead of having to sit for 3 – 4 hours on the car from Ha Noi to Ha Long and sightseeing on the ships and boats running around the bay with the Cessna Grand Caravan EX aircraft, visitors only take 30 minutes to see the panorama. This world natural heritage from above.

Each day there will be 1-3 return flights from Ha Noi to Halong and 5-10 flights on the bay. There are three routes to choose from: Noi Bai Airport to Tuan Chau and return (30 minutes flight); It starts from Tuan Chau and explores Halong Bay (25 minutes flight). This is the most exciting thing to do in Halong bay at recent time.

7. Cyclo – Special experience when coming to Ha Long

If Thailand has a tuktuk, Vietnam has a pedicab. When you come to Ha Long Bay, try a cyclo ride around the city. You sit around watching the streets around, feel the sea air, hearing the waves pounding the ear. What was more amazing?

Cyclo - Special experience when coming to Ha Long

If you are a mischievous guy, you can suggest to becoming a pedicab driver. This is definitely an unforgettable experience.

8. Night view Halong Bay from Bai Chay bridge

Bai Chay Bridge is located on Highway 18, connecting two parts of the city of Ha Long is Hon Gai and Bai Chay through Cua Luc Bay, which flows into Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh province. Due to hydrological conditions, geology and complex technical factors, large funds, after 20 years of planning new bridges are completed. The bridge is identified as a national key project.

Night view Halong Bay from Bai Chay bridge

The bridge is constructed with balanced cantilever technology, at the main pier at the height of 50m, bridge girders are reaching the sea and ends when connecting the two wings, this construction technology ensures the ships still have worked well during construction.

At night, you can walk on the bridge and see the city of Halong. The sea breeze will blow in your face, stroke each hair, air of the sea will give you a sense of calm comfort. If you don’t know what thing to do in Ha Long bay, just do this!

9. Shopping in the Bai Chay night market

Going to the night market in Bai Chay is very simple, you can visit at any time. However, in order to have the most beautiful time, you should come here from May to August. This is the time in Bai Chay in particular as well as Ha Long generally have a cool climate that suitable for evening walks, fun and shopping.

Shopping in the Bai Chay night market

Bai Chay Night Market is located in the heart of Halong City, on the beautiful and romantic Bai Chay beach, above is Royal International Park, under the old ferry landing, with Bai Chay bridge crossing Cua Luc River to the city center.

Bai Chay night market is very convenient to travel. Located in the resort of Hoang Gia – Bai Chay, this place is an interesting place when tourists after a day of walking, swimming Bai Chay delight, eating seafood in Cai Dam, Hon Gai, have the opportunity to Night market choose the souvenirs brought back and enjoy the unique features at the market of the most crowded night of Ha Long.

In summary, Ha Long Bay is a wonderful place of the world. The above is just a few things to do in Ha Long bay that you can’t miss. Besides there are many things and many places waiting for you to discover. Let’s pick up your luggage and move on!


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