Thang Thien resort in Hoa Binh

Thang Thien Waterfall – Hoa Binh is an attractive destination for weekend visitors, with a distance not too far from Hanoi. You can combine the trip with visiting the resort here. Take a look at the following experience to help you get as good as you want.

Some information about Thang Thien resort

The road to the Thang Thien Waterfall – Hoa Binh, more than 50km west of Hanoi center towards Thang Long Highway then turn to Highway 6 to Hoa Binh. Thang Thien tourism is a diverse and ecologically diverse forest with an area of 350 hectares, in the mountainous mountainous area of Vien Nam in Ky Son district, Hoa Binh.

Thang Thien Waterfall is located in the forest with abundant fauna and flora. There are streams along the stream with four waterfalls from the height of several dozen meters to several hundred meters day and night burst foam splashed beautiful white. There are also many quality resorts, you can choose to rest and relax after long trips.

What to see at Thang Thien resort?

This is a large and beautiful waterfall located in the highest position of the resort, with rugged trails along streams, steep slopes, slippery mossy rocks … You will feel like flying on high, floating with clouds and water. Explore the cool streams between the mountains and enjoy the fresh air.

Thang Thien Waterfall Resort, Hoa Binh becomes a place to organize many games, culture for guests to go on a picnic. Beside that, you will be able to swim and participate in many exciting underwater games amidst immense green forest.

With a budget of 50k / 1 person, you will discover 4 beautiful waterfalls (4 cascades) of the Anh Stream, immersed in a large swimming pool in the middle of the mountains and take part in some water games. extremely interesting.

This place also sells a lot of souvenirs typical of the Muong ethnic group, Thai Hoa Binh, you can comfortably choose to have souvenirs meaningful when coming here. There are also houses with deep bold national identity suitable for those who love the culture of the Muong people.

You can choose to go to Thang Thien amusement park at the appropriate time is the summer and autumn days. Restrictions go in winter because this time the temperature drops quite low. You should know the weather conditions before start. You can be assured of your stay at Thang Thien. This is a new resort, but you still have the opportunity to choose a clean and comfortable resort to relax.

What to eat when coming to Thang Thien resort?

You will enjoy many delicious dishes, specialties of Northwest such as: steamed hake chicken, grilled pig with honey, wild vegetables, bamboo shoots, bamboo-tube rice.

To buy souvenirs in Thang Thien waterfall you can choose the handicrafts of indigenous people. The souvenir shop of the Hoa Binh ethnic group is very memorable and meaningful.

So let’s take a look at some of the information above to help you have a fun trip to Thang Thien Resort.

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