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Things to know about Vietnamese culture

Vietnam attracts tourists not only by tourist spots or beautiful scenic places. The country and people of Vietnam also attract foreigners to discover the beauty of the culture here. There are some things to know about Vietnamese culture. You can learn more to better understand the Vietnamese people. Some things to know about Vietnamese culture […]

Ao Dai – The traditional Vietnamese women’s clothing

Every nation in the world has a particular type of clothing, when we look at their clothing, we know which country they belong. And when referring to the Ao Dai many people know that it is a traditional Vietnamese women’s clothing. Ao Dai is usually worn on formal occasions, or for girls to wear to […]

What to buy in vietnam

Non La and Ao Dai is the symbol of Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country – anybody also knows it and you want to come there at least one time in life. This is the wonderland for every one with the variety of specialties so sometimes you may hesitate because you don’t know what to buy in Vietnam. This article is the answer for you, […]