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What is the traditional Vietnamese men’s clothing?

Traditional costumes are one of the cultural features that many countries retain and develop. It also shows the unique beauty in the culture of each country together. If Korea has Hanbok, Japan has kimono so what is the traditional Vietnamese men’s clothing? Let’s learn about the beauty of culture in the traditional costumes of the […]

Traditional Vietnamese gift giving etiquette in Tet holiday

In Vietnam, giving presents is not just about showing love in a relationship, but also a manifestation of human morality.  According to the tradition of the Vietnamese people, Lunar New Year is the biggest Tet holiday. On this occasion, people are always looking forward to good things for their families and friends. Vietnamese people are […]

Vietnam customs prohibited items and important infomations you should notice

This is the first time you have traveled by plane, and you have not fully grasped the standard provisions on hand luggage or check-in luggage when boarding; You are wondering whether the items you bring are violating the airport’s rules or not? Please refer to the below list of Vietnam customs prohibited items, which are […]

Things to know about Vietnamese culture

Vietnam attracts tourists not only by tourist spots or beautiful scenic places. The country and people of Vietnam also attract foreigners to discover the beauty of the culture here. There are some things to know about Vietnamese culture. You can learn more to better understand the Vietnamese people. Some things to know about Vietnamese culture […]

Which cities to visit in Vietnam – So many choices in the wonderland

Hue capital

Vietnam is a famous country for its longstanding culture and unique scenery in the world. Do you know which cities to visit in Vietnam to explore the culture and scenery extremely? Let’s find out together! The big cities like Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi have become so familiar and noisy. So, today I will visit […]