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Where to stay in Sapa Vietnam? – Hotel is not the only one

In 2017, more than 1 million tourists will visit Sapa and have wonderful days here. So how can upland towns meet the demand for accommodation of one million visitors? So where to stay in Sapa Vietnam is more and more attention and development. Many years ago, we only knew that when traveling we should stay […]

What to see in Sapa Vietnam? – Let’s research before go to the paradise

Sapa is a highland town of Lao Cai province, which is the most famous tourist destination in the North, which has the highest peak in Vietnam – Fansipan. Come to Sa Pa, you have many choices to explore all this beautiful land but do not miss the following experience in Sa Pa. And you will […]

Research Sapa weather in February for a perfect trip

Vietnam has a lot of beautiful scenery and Sapa is one of them. When you come here, you can admire the beautiful landscape, integrate into the lives of indigenous people with a variety of identity and customs and a lot of delicious food. But is the Sapa weather in February suitable for travel or not? […]

Sapa ethnic minorities and unique culture that you can’t miss

Not only is the land beautiful with nature, unique landscape that Sapa also convergence the cultural diversity of many ethnic minorities such as H’Mong, Tay, Red Dao, Xa Pho, Giay. Sapa ethnic minorities have their own culture and characteristics. When you come here, you will be exploring the idyllic but fun life of the highlanders. […]

Is Sapa worth to visiting? – The answer will make you surprise

Sapa is charming and hidden in the mist, Sapa as a girl still intact beauty in white, lovely. Therefore, for travelers, the journey to explore Sapa becomes extremely interesting and meaningful, it gives people the feeling of memory to the beauty when away. And now, we will find out the answer “Is Sapa worth to […]