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What to see in Hue Imperial City

Hue is a beautiful dream city.  To Hue you will have the opportunity to explore the ancient beauty here with many architectural works that existed long time ago. The more special when Hue is the ancient capital of the feudal state of Vietnam in ancient times. So you can visit the sites of ancient kings. […]

Visiting Thien Mu Pagoda – a poetic beauty of Hue

As a temple associated with the monuments and attractions of Hue ancient capital, Thien Mu Pagoda is famous and attracts global tourists not only by the legendary mystery, but also an ancient beauty deep, plus the poetic peace. The temple is also sacred so if you intend to visit should also note some things as […]

Plan to visit Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park is always an attractive destination for nature lovers. If you intend to visit this national park can refer to some experience. This will make your trip much more effective. So if you visit the Bach Ma garden, what should you have to prepare? Why is Bach Ma National Park so famous? […]

Learn some experience visiting the Imperial city of Hue

Since ancient times Hue has been known as a land of poetic. This is the capital of the last dynasty of Vietnam. This historic landmark has attracted many visitors. So if you intend to visit the Imperial city of Hue so you should refer to the following experience. Why Hue attracts so many visitors? Hue […]

What should you know before go to Hue Temple of Literature?

You want to visit the Hue Temple of Literature to explore more about the literary culture of ancient Vietnam but you don’t have much experience. You don’t need to worry because the article will provide some useful information to help you have a more effective tour. Temple of Literature – one of the tourist attractions […]