Recommended Halong Bay tours

HaLong Bay 1 Day Tour

Some recommended Halong bay tours for you to refer. Are you having difficulty choosing the right tour to Halong Bay? Choosing the right tour without the experience will cost you a lot of time. That will be simpler when you just need to take a look at the following tour and choose the most favorite tour.

Refer some recommended Halong Bay tours for you

What are some recommended Halong bay tours?

1. Tour with cruise

Emeraude Classic cruise is one of the first choice of visitors when coming to Halong Bay. A yacht owned by a French businessman, the steamboat, in 1999, reminiscent of a time when cruise ships were only reserved for the nobility. Many travelers choose a luxury trip for their holiday in Halong. Emeraude Classic Cruise is the right choice for a trip with class service.

2. Tour with Indochina Junk’s Dragon Legend

One of the most famous yachts in Halong is Indochina Junk – where there are many tours from one to four days for visitors to choose. The 2-days Dragon Legend journey is the perfect choice for a weekend holiday. Guests will enjoy the view of the limestone caves, kayaking past the calm sea. In addition, guests can enjoy all the facilities provided on board.

3. Exciting classes on the Orchid Cruise

Orchid Cruise offers travelers the same cruise experience. However, the company stands out with interesting classes and activities held on board. In addition to famous places, visitors to visit Cat Ba island or Ba Trai Dao beach. This is where you can relax after the end of kayaking or swimming.

In addition to the benefits of a tour, this trip offers visitors a variety of cultural experiences such as Tai Chi classes in the early morning, Vietnamese cooking classes or squid fishing.

4. Tour with the seaplane

What are recommended Halong bay tours for you to refer? One of the best experiences when traveling around Halong Bay is by seaplane. Hai Au has many options so guests can choose from scenic flights on the bay or two-day and one-night cruises. Each package combines a cruise with cruise and cruise or hotel.

seaplane halong bay

Enjoy the panoramic view of Halong Bay, as the seaplane flies over calm waters. After landing, visitors will enjoy drinks and lunch buffet in traditional Vietnamese style before starting their journey to Halong. After getting on the boat, visitors have the opportunity to visit the island, cave or fishing village famous.

5. Spice Roads Cycle Tour

Another option for you to refer to is Spice Roads Cycle Tour. Many visitors want to rest and relax during the holiday. However, for those who like movement, they like to seek adventure, experience rather than enjoy the natural beauty of Ha Long from the deck of the silent.

Spice Roads offers a variety of bicycle tours across Vietnam and Southeast Asia. For many people, bicycle tours are a completely different experience. This is a chance for you to immerse yourself in the landscape of Ha Long while cycling through the roads and closer to nature.

Here are some recommended Halong bay tours you can refer. Besides there are many other tours you can learn more to choose from.

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