Travel to Quan Lan island – Harmony to nature

Quan Lan Island is a beautiful island in Quang Ninh. It is famous for its unspoiled natural scenery, casuarina trees growing on white sand dunes. If you are looking for a destination for your next holiday, Quan Lan Island is a perfect choice.

The beautiful and pristine beaches

The beach in Quan Lan is very beautiful, green and clear, especially very pristine, not as noisy as Sam Son or Do Son … so that Quan Lan is an attractive destination for many travelers. Quan Lan has three beaches: Quan Lan beach, Son Hao beach and Minh Chau beach, all three beaches are beautiful and have the long coastline, fine white sand in which Quan Lan beach is the most beautiful because of the beautiful and wild trees. The other two beaches are more crowded. You can rent a bicycle to take a stroll around Quan Lan Island.

  • Quan Lan beach near the pier. The beach is calm and has golden sand.
  • Minh Chau beach is considered an attractive place in Quan Lan island, with fine white sand, pristine blue water and forest near the sea.
  • Son Hao beach: Busy and has the most services. Son Hao beautiful, the largest waves in 3 beaches.

Quan Lan has a number of resorts with simple rooms or pine houses right on the beach for guests to truly experience the feeling of being in harmony with nature. With the fresh air on the island, strolling or relaxing here, you will feel the smell of the sea breeze and the assembly of sea salt characteristic.

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Delicious food and always fresh

The cuisine in Quan Lan is not as strong as other marine resorts, so you should bring some food and soft drinks, as there is not much fresh water on the island.

Specialties in Quan Lan island are delicious and famous for seafood such as: Stewed, clam, chubby, smoked, chubby… are typical seafood that you cannot ignore when visiting Quan Lan.

You can also go sightseeing on Quan Lan Island. There are lots of cheap seafood and delicious early in the morning at 5am. The market is near Chu Cong communal house, where many houses are concentrated as a small town

Peaceful space on Quan Lan Island

Quan Lan Island is not like the famous islands I used to go. Not busy, not crowded, the beach is almost untouched and not fully explored. The electric system is not yet 24/24 but must use generators. The beaches are still wild, the ecological environment is not polluted due to overexploitation tourism.

The life of the people on the island is also peaceful. At night, the island sank into the sound of insects, winds, waves and somewhere that rang out in the night. If you do not want to see the sky shimmering sky on clear days, you should go to bed early.

In summary, Quan Lan Island will make you addicted to it. Because of the desert and quiet here, let’s go with friends and family to enjoy nature together!

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