Mui Ne Fishing Village

For moving enthusiasts and photographers, Mui Ne fishing village is one of the destinations that you shouldn’t missed. Mui Ne fishing village is not only charming and captivating by its unique natural landscape, but it also contains many bustling sounds of coastal life. Let’s discover it right now!

Mui Ne fishing village – Introduction

Situated next to Huynh Thuc Khang Street and intermingled with the soaring coconut of Phan Thiet Sea, Mui Ne fishing village has a fascinating charm from the sunrise until the sun disappears. The beach is peaceful year round. This is an extremely good location for hiding boats, so this is also a place to take back from the sea as well as a scene of the fishermen busy fishing in the village every morning.

Mui Ne fishing village is located along a coastline in the 1st quarter, Mui Ne Ward, with a coastline of over 1km. In addition, Mui Ne Fishing Village is the beautiful scenery when the sunset overlooking the beach with hundreds of ships anchored in the blue sea, this is also is the point for photographers to come.

The unique experiences at Mui Ne fishing village

When coming to Mui Ne fishing village, the best experience you can experience is to become a fisherman. You can take the fishing boat to experience the new feeling or the squid fishing boat at night to listen to the sound of the night sea. At that time, you can immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the feeling of winning when you catch the fish, squid are alive.

If you have time to walk deep into the fishing village, you will learn the process of dry fish, dried squid and elaborate fish sauce. In addition, you are also welcomed by fresh coconut, sweet as the gentle smiles and friendly of the fishermen at here.

The beach of Mui Ne fishing village is very peaceful. You can sit there in the morning to catch the dawn and watch the boats dock after a long night of work. You can also take a stroll on the beach and enjoy the sunset over the horizon. All the stresses of life in a hurry will disappear. Everything is just beautiful sea scenery and people inside that.

In addition to experiencing the life and fishing of fishermen, you can also choose fresh seafood such as squid, fish, shrimp, crab, snail, etc. to bring the food processing or can be processed by the people at the place is always very cheap compared to buying in the market, but seafood is extremely fresh.


Mui Ne fishing village is not only peaceful and captivating by its unique natural landscape, but also many bustling sounds of coastal life. If the sea in morning quietly with hundreds of boats as if sleeping with a sky blue wonders miraculously, when the sunset falls, sea shimmering silver light that each boat is a unique silent.

With the unique beautiful like that, why don’t you come to discover Mui Ne Fishing Village right now?

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