The most beautiful place in north vietnam

Mai Chau

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries with many attractive destinations for tourists to explore. No matter where you go, you will easily find some places which are beautiful, unique and different than any place you’ve ever seen before. Once you come to the North of Vietnam, you should not miss visiting Mai Chau which is one of the most beautiful places in North Vietnam, as well as an idyllic valley hemmed in by hills and emerald green paddies.


1. Mai Chau – the most beautiful places in North Vietnam


2.1 Beginning of March to May – season of flowers in Mai Chau

2.2 Septemer to November

2.3 From December to February





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Mai Chau is a frontier township and its surroundings is located in Hoa Binh province in north-west Vietnam, which has been popular and well-known by both domestic and international tourists as the most attractive destination to visit. Visiting Mai Chau will provide tourists the pleasant, enjoyable and familiar feelings as visiting villages of minority people, exploring wonderful landscapes and local culture,..etc.


At the height of 1,600m above sea level to North West of VietNam, Mai Chau has the sub-tropical climate meaning it’s weather is cool all year. Particularly, one day in Mai Chau has four characteristics of four seasons: In the morning, the weather is quite warm as the weather of Spring. Summer in the afternoon with light sunshine and mild climate, autumn in the evening with fog and little cloud to create cool feeling and winter at night which means temperature reaches 15 ° C.

In summer, the town does not suffer from the harsh sunshine like other Northern regions of Viet Nam, about 13 ° C – 15 ° C at night and 20 ° C – 25 ° C during the day. Winter often has cloudy and cold, the temperature sometimes below 0 ° C, it also looks beautiful with snow and fog covering the town and its landscapes. That is why the best seasons to visit Mai Chau are from September to November and from March to May. However, Mai Chau has the unique beauty and difference from other places. To find out the best time to visit Mai Chau, it will be difficult to give the accurate answer, because Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter, each season in Mai Chau bring something unique and beautiful, which are waiting for you exploring.

Tourists after getting from North Vietnam should travel to Mai Chau to explore the unique pristine beauty of nature here which makes Mai Chau become one of the most beautiful places in North Vietnam as well as an ideal destination for tourists who love pristine nature. Visiting Mai Chau, tourists will have opportunities to enjoy the ecological site, marvelous caves as well as spending time on rice terraced fields. If you are going to travel to the North of Vietnam, you should arrange few days for visiting Mai Chau which surely be the best experience that tourists have ever had.


2.1 Beginning of March to May – season of flowers in Mai Chau

It is said that, this timing is the best time in year for traveling to Mai Chau. The temperature at this time ranges from 15 to 23°C. Tourists can enjoy numerous superb landscapes and many nature attractions with blue sky, a little sunlight, cool weather and even more. In Spring,  it is filled with the pink colour of plum blossom from the vast forests of plum just outside the town. It is also the time for mixed variety kinds of flowers blooming including peaches, orchids, plum flowers.

March to May - season of flowers in Mai Chau

Even though the fog is not as much as in winter, it still covers the town in spring. Particularly, around May, the ethnic minorities in Mai Chau prepare the rice terraces for rice transplanting. The upstream water makes terraced fields glitter like a large mirror in the midst of the blue sky, creating a very attractive beauty, can easily impress all tourists. This is an idea time for people to explore the charming of Mai Chau at ethnic villages, ancient tourist spots such as church, caves or valley

2.2 Septemer to November

There is no doubt that visiting Mai Chau in summer is absolutely suitable for people to get away the hot weather of other regions in Vietnam. The temperature in this timing is just around 25oC. Particularly, between September and at the beginning of November, rice is ripe, whole town wears the new color – bright yellow covering the hills. This is usually the most favorite time that many tourists enjoy time in Mai Chau.

mai chau from Septemer to November

2.3 From December to February

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In winter, the weather in Mai Chau is very cold, wet, drizzle and foggy. It seems to be colder than other places in the North of Vietnam. However, visit Mai Chau in winter must be an amazing experience. The whole town will be covered with fog under the low temperature and snow.

mai chau From December to February


As one of the most beautiful places in North Vietnam, Mai Chau has such a lot of things attracting tourists come to this place. There is mixed variety kinds of activities in a picturesque and pristine setting such as: exploring the whole Mai Chau on foot or by bike, sleep in an authentic Tai Homestay, exploring the forest. One of the highlights for those who love outdoors activities is riding bike to explore the whole area and enjoy the unique beauty here with rice fields, locals and mountainous backdrop which drive the beauty of North Vietnam to the travelers. As you bike along Mai Chau’s roads, you will ride through the rice fields and village outskirts. This is the most popular activity in Mai Chau, biking or cycling will surely leave unforgettable experience in your mind, it is also the best way to discover this beautiful destination.


For those who want to experience culture and lifestyle of local people, try living in Tai homestay will be the perfect choice because all activities, relations, and cultures are showed clearly: tourists will wake up early in the morning to the sound of roosters crowing, you will sleep on a mattress that is laid on bamboo floor. After dinner, tourists will have talks with local people, make friends, gather together, spend your time drinking wine and watch culture show of Tai people.

Beside those activities, Mai Chau also has a lot of beautiful destination for tourists to explore such as Thung Khe pass –  a taste of true mountain grandeur, Chieu cave, Mo Luong cave, Lac village which is the ideal mountain refuge for immersion of Thai people, Van village, Pom Coong village,….etc.


Pa Co market is located 40km far from the center of Mai Chau district, where local people sell variety things like beautiful flowers, healthy foods such as steamed corn, local vegetables,… This market has become a popular destination for tourists who want to learn more about culture of Northwest upland.


For local people, going to these market is an irreplaceable activitiy in daily life. After trading, local people will have talks with each other, make friends, gather together and chit chat about their family, their husband, children or their business. Tourists who come to Mai Chau shouldn’t miss visiting this market to enjoy the environment here, tourists will have chance to drink wine, have talks with local people. Coming to Pa Co market, tourists will be impressed by a vivid picture with a lot of colorful traditional clothes. These products are the reflection of life, culture of each ethnic group. You can also fine livestock, fresh fruit, vegetbales, fish or even snails. This is a great market for Mai Chau souvenirs.


Today, ordinary rice has become the main food of Tai people, while sticky rice is still being eaten traditionally.

Xoi Nep Nuong” is a kind of cooked glutinous rice, with 5 color is supposed as the speciallity of the Tai. Tai people have to select the best glutinous rice on terraced fields in Mai Chau valley and fresh water because it will make the dish much more delicious. This is a special dish which is prepared only on special day of the whole year round. The speciality of this dish is that it is not used any kind of  chemical color but is made entirely of natural materials from the North-West region. Glutinous rice is soaked for hours with leaves and herbs to create different color before cooking.

“Rice in Bamboo” which is made from glutinous rice, also known as Com Lam in Vietnamese. Local people choose suitable bamboo tube, neither too old nor too young before cooking. This dish include sticky rice, cold water and a little bit salt to make rice tastier. People usually eat Com Lam with seasame salt after being cooked on a charcoal stove.


These above information about Mai Chau may help tourists know more about this wonderful destination. Endowed with an advantage climate, peaceful atmosphere and beautiful scenes, Mai Chau is totally one of the most beautiful places in North Vietnam that tourists must visit at least once in life. One of the first popular question which comes to travellers who come to Mai Chau is what activities should they do, which destination should they visit. However, to find out the accurate answer is difficult because there are a mixed variety kinds of activities and places for you to explore in Mai Chau. Coming to the North of Vietnam and make a trip to this beautiful place, you will understand why Mai Chau is mentioned as the most beautiful place in North Vietnam in specific and of Vietnam in general, as well as a perfect ideal place to visit. Why don’t you make your own journey to Mai Chau to explore the beauty of this land yourself.



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