Ke Ga Lighthouse

Ke Ga lighthouse is a special destination when traveling Phan Thiet. This place is rarely listed in tourist guides for foreign visitors and the Ke Ga lighthouse is still unknown to foreign visitors, mainly for local tourists. So if you want to find out an unique place to discover. Don’t miss out this article!

Ke Ga lighthouse – Introduction

Ke Ga foreland is located in Tan Thanh commune, Ham Thuan Nam district, about 45 km from Mui Ne center.

Ke Ga is also the highest lighthouse in the area with nearly 200 steps whirlpool with total height to the top of the lamp is 35m. This is the oldest lighthouse in Southeast Asia built by the French in 1897 and completed in 1899. All materials to build lighthouses are shipped from France to. Historically, Ke Ga is considered an extremely important position of the sea from Phan Rang to Vung Tau.

Over the past 100 years, after the construction of Ke Ga Lighthouse, it has contributed significantly to the safety of sea in this area. With a brightness of 22 nautical miles (40km), Ke Ga Lighthouse became the “guide fire” for all boats passing through the area.

To come there, visitors have many ways to choose starting point.

  • The first one is from Ho Chi Minh City by National Highway 1A to Thuan Nam town turn right about 20km
  • The second route is from Vung Tau, followed by National Highway 55 through La Gi, and the third one is from Phan Thiet City.

Some unique experiences at Ke Ga lighthouse

Ke Ga Lighthouse is not in land, it is located on a small island also quite close to the coast. To get there, you have to hire a boat. From the coast, the view of the lighthouse is very close, but the boat trip to Ke Ga is not easy at all, the sea here has many cliffs protruding, if not the boatman familiar with the terrain, the boat will be very easy to hit the rock. Sitting on the boat is an unbelievably fun, as you can touch the sea while the boat drives, but you are assured that every passenger on the boat is equipped with life jackets.

Once the boat has landed on the island, you will see a wonderful landscape. Big boulders lie on the outside like a wall protecting the island from the waves. Be careful when walking on the rocks on the island, but the rock here is quite slippery and very easy to fall. There is no specific route on the island, your job is to step over the rocks, walk toward the grass and head toward the lighthouse.

And once you have climbed to the top of the lighthouse, stepping out to the observatory railing, you will really burst into the air, overwhelmed by the magnificent scenery, lurking outside. Standing on the high, listening to the wind blowing in the middle of the sky, see his heroic love a homeland!


This trip to discover Ke Ga Lighthouse is definitely one of the memorable memories of your Vietnam travel. Quickly plan and prepare for the S-shaped journey with hundreds of ideal destinations. And Ke Ga Lighthouse is one of them!

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