Ho Coc Vung Tau

If you go to Ho Coc Vung Tau, what will you do there for a day? Ho Coc is known as a tourist attraction in Vung Tau. There are many beautiful natural scenery to bring peace to visitors. So many people choose to come here after long working days. If you want to visit this place can refer to the following few experiences.

Some information about Ho Coc in Vung Tau

Ho Coc is a small beach located in Bung Rieng Commune, Xuyen Moc District, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province, about 125 km southeast of Ho Chi Minh City. This is notable because there are hot springs and a rainforest with an area of about 11,000 hectares was recognized as a nature reserve in 1975.

If you want to visit this tourist destination, you can use many different means. Traveling by motorbike, you can go in the direction of District 2, cross the Cat Lai ferry, follow the rubber forest and then Highway 51. On this road you can save 30km compared to the direction from Sai Gon bridge. Highway 51.

Ho Coc year round is the tourist season because the temperature isn’t too cold or too hot. You only need to follow the weather forecast to avoid traveling in the rain. About 3 hours drive from Saigon, so the climate in Ho Coc isn’t much different from Saigon.

What to see in Ho Coc Vung Tau?

Ho Coc retains many natural beauty because of newly exploited in recent years, blue sea water, fine white sand, large beach, gentle slope. Ho Coc is famous for its many beautiful stones such as a natural masterpiece called Hon Coc, while the two legendary hills are named Tam Bo Mountain and Ho Linh Mountain.

You can enjoy the wilderness of the mountains and the sea. Along the beach there are also huts, camp for tourists to rent, relax, sightseeing, or enjoy seafood … Beside that, you can also explore the jungle, conquer the two mountains Mount Bo and Ho Lung. The mountain is 130m high, climbing to the top of the mountain can view the scenic of romantic, charming Ho Coc.

Here you can also join games such as windsurfing, water motorcycling, beach volleyball, scuba diving, kayaking, scuba diving, … Along the coast there are many huts, camp for tourists to rest, eat, sightseeing. Shed near the sea, about 4 square meters, with price is 400,000 VND with 10 seats.

Those who love picnic activities can set up camp, Ho Coc beach is quite deserted and clean so it will be the ideal camping place for you and your family.

What to eat when coming to Ho Coc?

This place has a lot of fresh seafood such as squid, shrimp, crabs, scallops, steamed clams, snails and fish, … You can choose to enjoy fresh seafood at the restaurant or buy from seafood market.

In addition, you can enjoy the delicious food famous in the address such as porridge in Do Chieu street; Fish Sauce Bay Giai; stingray fish, frog Truong Cong Dinh; Truong Cong Dinh fish hot pot …

You can refer to some information above to have a meaningful trip to Ho Coc Vung Tau.

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