Why should you come to Ha Long City? – This is the answer

Ha Long is a famous name all over the world. Kong: Skull Island has shown its marvelous beauty. If you have the opportunity to come to Vietnam, Ha Long City is where you must definitely come. These are the reasons for that!

Ha Long City – Wonderful land of dragons

Ha Long City is Mother Earth’s most loved child. You can experience it by yourself when you arrive at the tourist destination here. And you know what! There are many beautiful place and extreme experience waiting for you at there.

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Bai Chay Beach

Bai Chay is a diamond island with a length of 6 km. It is a large and beautiful artificial beach located near the coast of Ha Long Bay with sandy beach more than 500 meters long, 100 meters wide. Bai Chay Beach is becoming the most beautiful tourist destination in Ha Long City with beaches intermingled with diverse architectural villas, water puppet shows, traditional music and games.

Co To Island

This is considered one of the attractive tourist attractions in Ha Long City. With pristine beauty, fabulous beaches and clean blue, fresh, natural scenery is an ideal place for swimming and relaxing in the summer. Watching the sunrise on Co To Island and enjoying the specialties here is an enjoyable experience when traveling to Co To Island.

Yen Tu Mountain

Yen Tu Mountain is located in Uong Bi City. Yen Tu also preserved many historical sites and was dubbed as “the land of Buddhism in Vietnam”. According to the length of the road to the pagoda about 6km. Nowadays there are cable systems, so traveling is easier.


Tuan Chau Island

About 2km from Ha Long City is Tuan Chau Island tourist resort with an area of 220ha. With fine white sand stretching along the clear blue sea, surrounded by green pine trees and cool climate, Tuan Chau Island is an ideal retreat.

Excellent cuisine

Food is an indispensable part of travel. Fortunately, Ha Long City has a lot of delicious food and they are able to conquer all the fastidious visitors. This is a coastal area so you should try the raw seafood.

Enjoy seafood on board during the tour of the bay. The main seafood dishes such as clams, fried squid, grilled comatose, sea cucumber, lobster, sea crab, fish… This is a paradise of fresh seafood. You have many shops to choose from.

Cheap seafood in Cai Dam is also a good place to eat in Halong you should visit. Enjoy the wild seafood in Ben Doan area.

Friendly people

Beautiful scene, special food doesn’t need to discuss further. But the most special thing is the friendliness of the people here. You can make friends with everyone, the smile is always on the lips of the people here.

You go to a restaurant, the waiter will welcome you attentively. When taking a tour of the sea, the tour guide will talk to you many things.

Halong City is a great place for your vacation and your family. What do you waiting for? Let’s pick your phone and book the ticket to arrive there right now!

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