What is the difference in greeting in Vietnamese culture

Greeting in Vietnamese cuture

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Each country has a culture that isn’t exactly the same.That makes the difference and unique in the culture of the country. So what is the difference in greeting in Vietnamese culture?Let’s learn more about some special features in the culture of the Vietnamese.

1. Is greeting culture necessary?

Is greeting culture necessary? Greetings is also changed over time. Addressing, greeting, and communicating behaviors, if done properly and in accordance with the custom, is a manifestation of respectfulness and intimacy. Otherwise, it can be misleading, aversion to the lack of goodwill in communication.

When communicating for the first time if the object of communication is not clear about each other, the address and greetings are considered as the first step to communicate and get acquainted.

Is greeting culture necessary
Is greeting culture necessary

Wherever and in any situation of communication in human language, the first form of communication always begins with a greeting. If you don’t greet correctly,this can lead to some unintended situations. There are cases that are considered to be uncultured when not greeting properly.

Greeting culture is formed in almost all countries. However, there are some differences between Eastern and Western in greeting culture. So what is the differences in greeting in Vietnamese culture?

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2. Greeting in Vietnamese cuture

As in other countries, Vietnam has formed a culture of greeting for a long time. And with Eastern countries like Vietnam, greetings are always considered as top priority. Greeting culture appears anywhere, in public places, in private places, at work, at school or where there are many people.

If in some Western countries the greeting seems to be simple. People can greet with other people wit short greetings like: good morning, good afternoon, or good evening. So in Vietnam, greeting becomes more important. People often ask each other through greetings, questions about health and work.

To greet one another is not only using words but also by nonverbal behavior: a gesture, an action, for example. For example: a hand shake, or bow before others; In many cases it is expressed by the combination of gesture language and spoken language.

Greeting in Vietnamese cuture
Greeting in Vietnamese cuture

In greetings can determine the position of human behavior, which means that there are cases where two people are unequal role in the same communication. And this is often expressed in Eastern countries like Vietnam or Japan, Korea, China. The expression of the roles of people when greeting is there have one person (younger person) using honorifics.

Some people say that the Vietnamese greetings are not only in the cultural and linguistic domain, but also in the moral. It is a way of expressing the personality of the people who communicate with each other, whether it is a formal greeting or an informal greeting, also expresses cultural communication.

In general, the culture of greeting in Vietnam is somewhat more complex. So if the foreigners want to learn how to greet the Vietnamese should know in advance. You also need a long process to understand some of the culture of the Vietnamese.Through the above information you also have a better understanding of greeting in Vietnamese culture.

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