Da Rang Bridge

Da Rang Bridge has entered Phu Yen people’s culture since the beginning of the 20th century and has long become a cultural symbol of this land. Da Rang bridge across the Ba river (Da Rang River), located in Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen province. The name Da Rang comes from the ancient Cham “Ea Rarang” meaning “reeds rivers.” If you travel to Phu Yen that you can’t miss out this special bridge! Let’s discover it right after here.

Da Rang Bridge – Introduction

Da Rang bridge was built by the French in the early twentieth century with 60 spans 77m wide, total length 1105m. At that time, this was the longest bridge in Central Vietnam, the second longest after the Long Bien Bridge across the Red River. The bridge is designed with reinforced concrete beams, reinforced concrete pillars, running in parallel with train rail with zig-zag protection steel frame to create a unique architecture.

In December 1946, Da Rang bridge was destroyed during the war. After many times of construction and renovation, in 2004, Da Rang bridge was put into operation with 36 spans, 1512m long, the longest bridge on National Highway 1A through Central Vietnam.

Da Rang Bridge – The special of an old construction

New bridges are being put into use not only to help people on both sides travel more convenient but also a place for tourists to stop sightseeing. From Da Rang Bridge, you can admire the vast expanses, the beautiful Ba River along with the scenery of charming Nhan Mountain far away.

Since being put into use, Da Rang bridge has helped people on the two banks easier and more bustling. In Vietnam, the bridges are not just limited to traveling but also become the place where couples pair and date. From Da Rang bridge overlooking the distance, you will be conquered by the beauty of the mudflats, the fresh river wind. Walking on the Da Rang Bridge is like traveling between the sun and wind. There are times when the river is quiet, Da Rang bridge as the beauty of Phu Yen for tourists to listen.

The best time to see the bridge is in the early morning or sunset. Fresh air when fresh day begins to bring cool wind will soothe the tired of you. From a distance, you will see early dew in the clouds, on the river bank. Or when the sunset, the red sun glows deep into the Ba River to the sunray at the end of day.


Like the Long Bien Bridge with the Red River in Hanoi or the Trang Tien Bridge with the Huong River in Hue, the Da Rang Bridge with Da Rang River from many generations has always been a symbol of Phu Yen land.

If you have the opportunity to visit Phu Yen, do not forget to visit this place and feel the wonderful beauty that this landscape brings. Surely you will have enjoyable experiences in life!

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