Da Bac cave in Hoa Binh

Have you ever visited Da Bac cave in Hoa Binh? Da Bac relic is an exotic art of creativity, a subtle combination of sculpture and painting, between majesty and grace. This is one of the attractions of tourists when coming to Hoa Binh. If you would like to have a meaningful trip, please refer to the following suggestions.

Some information about Da Bac cave

Da Bac is located not far from Xuan Mai town, now in Lien Son commune, Luong Son district, Hoa Binh province, accidentally discovered by people in 1990. 65m long, width from 4 to 22m, high arch from 1.5 to 15m, with many small rooms. The entrance to the cave isn’t very large, just before the paved road leads visitors deep inside the cave.
Da Bac Cave is also known as Co Tien Cave, located in the heart of Pai Day Mountain (also known as Hang Beo Mountain). This mountain looks like a giant frog, half sitting, half jumping.

Overwhelmed by the beauty of Da Bac cave

Entering the gate, visitors will not avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed by a forest of stalactites dragging each beam, with white silver color shape. When light shines on the stalactites, it shines brightly, reflecting the blue, red, purple, yellow light. From here, follow the paved road inside the cave about 6 meters up to see a gap that is the way to Co Tien cave.
Co Tien cave is higher than the main platform nearly 2m, climbed through ten steps, visitors will encounter the ceiling with many stalactites hanging down, forming a variety of bands. The magic here is at the foot of the stalactites, water down in five months to form two beautiful natural water tanks. Inside the water tank is a system of miniature terraced fields. The banks of the terraced fields are paved with stone, hewing extremely creative carving. In the rainy season, the water from the stalactites, from the small ceiling to the terraced fields full.

Keep going inside the cave, visitors will find the shrine shrunk as small and mysterious. Going deeper, there are stalactites shaped like ancient yellow flowers, exquisite engraving, exquisite workmanship. Going deeper, under the domes is light emulsion as the silver in the middle of the world the strange shapes, both real and virtual for visitors to feel like a mystical paradise.
To facilitate visitors to enjoy the beautiful scene, in recent years, the Management Board has installed lighting system in the cave, repairing, paving the way in the cave. Since the discovery, Da Bac relics have welcomed many visitors to visit.

Enjoy some especialties when visit Hoa Binh

Come to Hoa Binh, you should also spend time to enjoy some delicious here. There are some specialties in Hoa Binh as: sour bamboo shoots cook with chicken, meat roll with grapefruit leaves, Sour Pickled Salad, Da river grilled fish… There are many other delicious specialties you can learn more to enjoy. But remember to spend a lot of time to visit all the sites in Hoa Binh.

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