Travel to Co To Island to explore the paradise

Blue sea paradise is something that everyone craves. In the North of Vietnam, Co To Island (Quang Ninh) also captures the charm of tourists by the pristine beaches with white sand and clear blue water. Let’s discover it right now!

Co To lighthouse

This is one of the more than 30 “eyes of the sea” operating in the waters of Vietnam, the lighthouse was built in the late 19th century. To get to the lighthouse, you have to cross steep sections, then climb up the 72 stairs from the bottom to the top of the lighthouse. From here you can enjoy the panoramic view of Co To Island, from the beautiful seaside town, intermingled with the green trees and the roofs of simple houses.

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Love Road – Where to experience romantic beauty

Travel to Co To certainly you will hear a romantic road named Love Road. The road is more than 2km long and is tiled with red brick, along the coast, located about 100 m from the center of Co To town, the two sides are two rows of trees interrupted by the wind.

Calling the road of love is also true, because the walk here is extremely romantic. On this road, you will hear the sound of the sea, the waves of the sea, the blue eyes of the forest, the yellow of the sun, and the red tiles. It’s like a paradise on Start Movies!

Beaches with pristine beauty

Coming to Co To, you will definitely be enthralled by the pristine, beautiful beaches. Hong Van is one of the destinations that will make you feel so. Located on the east of Co To Island, Hong Van is quiet, waves rolling like a lake. The soft sandy shoreline along with the blue sea water will leave you fly in your mind.

At the end of the island is Van Chai beach, nestled on the beach with smooth sand stretching, the waves rolling charm. Especially, the sea water here is always beautiful blue color, blue reflect the sun, changing the different shades of green whenever there are small waves straddling each other to the shore.

Uncle Ho Beach is located just outside the entrance of the island, from the pier can see this 15 km long beach running towards the end of the island. This is the main beach of the people and the most crowded place to swim. The white sandy beach surrounds the green casuarina forest with a paved road running along the coast. Do you like it?

Uncle Ho Memorial House

This special place is located in District 3, Co To town. This is a complex of relics on Co To Island including monuments, memorial. The relic was built in 1968 and rebuilt in 1975. This is the only place Uncle agrees to set up the statue at the living time and is a priority destination for you when arriving Co To Island.

Here are some ideal destinations for you when traveling to Co To Island. Hope you will come quickly and feel the excitement I want to convey. Wish you happy with your family on next holiday.

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