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How much is a Vietnam visa

Changing visa

<< Which cities to visit in Vietnam – So many choices in the wonderland << You know how much to tip in Vietnam How much is a Vietnam visa at present? There have been some changes in visa fees and visa extensions for foreign visitors to Vietnam.Those who intend to travel in Vietnam should remember […]

Find out how much to tip tour guide Vietnam

Culture tip in travel

<< You know how much to tip in Vietnam? << Things to know about Vietnamese culture Culture tipped each country price isn’t quite the same. Therefore, whenever you want to travel to any country should learn about the culture of that country first. Quite a lot of visitors wonder how much to tip tour guide […]

You know how much to tip in Vietnam

Tipping In Vietnam

You know how much to tip in Vietnam? Tipping is a long established culture in the country.Each country you go through will have different “tip” cultures. Understanding it makes you more comfortable in the way you treat and enjoy your vacation. For Vietnam, the tip culture isn’t much different. You just have to keep in […]

Characteristics of customs and traditions in the Vietnamese family

Tet in VietNam

Vietnam is one of the countries with many cultural characteristics. That is why so many foreigners want to come here to explore such cultural features. Outstanding cultural features of the Oriental that can’t be mixed with any other country. To help more people understand the beauty of Vietnamese culture, learn more about the customs and […]

Where to stay in Sapa Vietnam? – Hotel is not the only one

In 2017, more than 1 million tourists will visit Sapa and have wonderful days here. So how can upland towns meet the demand for accommodation of one million visitors? So where to stay in Sapa Vietnam is more and more attention and development. Many years ago, we only knew that when traveling we should stay […]