Beautiful in Vietnamese marriage tradition

Vietnamese marriage tradition

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Marriage has long been considered a divine factor made between two lovers.Going to marriage means that two people are thinking thoroughly about sharing the joy of living together.Just as culture, marriage also has some differences between countries and regions.So what is the Vietnamese marriage tradition?

1. The nature of the marriage

For anyone, when it comes to getting married many people usually take a look quite seriously. Marriage is proof that two people want to live together to share the same difficulties and joy in life.

Marriage is made in the interest of the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the two.And the character of marriage should only appear between two people. This is one of the obligatory conditions of marriage. In Eastern countries, people attach great importance to their faithfulness. This has influenced many virtues of the Vietnamese people since ancient times.

Understanding the nature of marriage so that it can compare with Vietnamese marriage tradition. There you will clearly see the special things in the wedding customs of the Vietnamese.

Vietnamese marriage tradition
Vietnamese marriage tradition

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2. Vietnamese marriage tradition

In the economic integration, the integration of thought also occurred. This affects a number of young people when they overlook the importance of marriage.However, most Vietnamese still retain the precious traditions of weddings.Maintaining the good that also makes a distinctive feature in Vietnamese culture.

The wedding is usually the recognition of the maturing process of young men and women, asserting that society has acknowledged their love, goes to formal marriage in the presence of relatives and close friends.This is a ritual of social concern and is usually held only after the government has issued a marriage certificate. In the Vietnamese mind, the wedding ceremony is worth more than the marriage certificate. The Vietnamese consider the wedding and tend to hold a wedding with the notion that the more luxurious the wedding is, the better it is.

In order to conduct a wedding with many important steps, the couple often have to get the approval of the two families. Next, the adults in the house will see the good day to carry out procedures such as the date of the wedding, the procession to the husband’s house. This is the traditional view of the Vietnamese people, that the fun is celebrated good day, good luck brings harmony and peace to the bride and groom.

Nature of the marriage
Nature of the marriage

To prepare for the wedding, the bride and groom must first prepare their wedding cake (wine, betel nut, fruit, etc.). Typical bridal procedures include: the groom’s parents ask request to the bride’s family about welcome the bride to her husband’s house, the bride and groom kneel at the ancestral altar, and the parents and relatives.

The wedding can also be held at home or at the church (for Catholic families) or at the temple (for Buddhist families). Wedding parties can be conducted at home or in the wedding restaurant. The traditional symbols of Vietnamese weddings can be counted as betel nut and dumplings representing fidelity, as well as charming wedding gowns usually worn by brides in ceremonies creating a distinctive image. featured.

Vietnamese wedding is important, deep meaning and spiritual for all groom and bride. In the ceremony, the sincerity, deepness of love couples are expressed through the traditional law. The bride and groom exchanged wishes and items (wedding rings). Although in any age, getting married is always a sacred act of life, marking the beginning of a strong attachment to love, in meaning, expressing the desire for a happy married life.

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