Bau Trang lake

When you come to the area of Bau Trang sand dunes, you will surely be surprised when climbing the high sand dunes encountered a lake sparkling under the brilliant sun, the pink lotus leaves flickering, behind the green leaves then created romantic natural scenery. It is Bau Trang lake – The mysterious lake between sand hills at here. Let’s discover it right now!

Where is Bau Trang Lake?

Bau Trang lake is located in Hoa Thang commune, Bac Binh district, about 65 km from Phan Thiet city. If going National Highway 1A to Luong Son junction turn into or from Hon Rom – Mui Ne tourist site, less than 12 km.

Bau Trang is also known as Bach Ho, Bau Sen has natural fresh water surrounded by pristine white sand hills. It is a large lake about 5 km long and a distance of 500 m. There is plenty of evidence that Bau Trang is 70 hectares, 19 meters deep.

You can come to Bau Trang with two different ways:

– From Hon Rom, you go along the way to Mui Ne, Mui Ne market, Hong Hill along the beach. Driving about an hour from Mui Ne to Bau Trang.

– From Phan Thiet city, follow the National Highway 1A to Luong Son, there is a fork, turn right for about 18km across the bare hills, green coconut forest on the poetic white sand dunes are arriving.

Discover the unique beauty of Bau Trang

The lake is surrounded by white sands with the sun, the wind is given to the beautiful lake makes beautiful. From the sandy hill overlooking the serene lake with pink lotus blossoms, far away from the dark sand hill up and down you will be amazed by that mysterious beauty.

White Bau is wild and rustic. But wild and rustic with white sand as the power to attract people who love the beauty of the place to find inspiration for art.

Come to Bau Trang, you can rent a boat of fishermen near the area to explore, roam, fishing will be very interesting. The water in Bau Trang has year-rounded cooled the hot air of the vast sand dunes, creating a lyrical natural setting that anyone visiting this area would want to come back again and again.

You should travel to Bau Trang in the summer, this time the lotus blossoming around the lake all covered with a pink color to create beautiful scenery. The best time to visit White Lake in the day is from early morning and late afternoon like 5h to 9h, 16h to 18h.

To explore and conquer the desert in Bau Trang you use two types of vehicles such as motorcycles on the sand and boats to explore the vast water. The feeling of sitting on the motorbike to discover the beauty of Bau Trang is an attractive destination that you never missed when traveling to Bau Trang.


Bau Trang lake is always the name that attracts visitors to Mui Ne. After enjoying the cool feeling in Mui Ne Beach, you should come to Bau Trang to explore the lake in the middle of the desert. It’s like an oasis in the great Sahara! Absolute great!

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