Vietnam vegetarian dishes – The blend of culinary arts and religion

Vietnam vegetarian dishes - The blend of culinary arts and religion

Vietnam is a Buddhist country, so vegetarian dishes in Vietnam are very popular and special. If you are planning to travel to Vietnam, the vegetarian food experience is something you should not miss. Today, we will discover something of Vietnam vegetarian dishes.

The origin of vegetarian food in Vietnam

Vegetarianism is now becoming a kind of culture and becoming a global trend. Vegetarian foods have a lot of health benefits, so more and more people are turning to vegetarianism. Vegetarians can still provide adequate protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. In addition, the greatest advantage of vegetarian food is that it contains vegetable-derived protein and fat, so it does not contain cholesterol, and is abundant in fiber.

Today, the Vietnam vegetarian dishes are growing day by day and there are many people love those foods. However, most vegetarians do not understand the origins of vegetarianism and the implications of these issues. Vegetarianism is rooted in many different reasons, such as ethics, health, religion, environment, culture, aesthetics, economics, health…

The origin of vegetarian food in Vietnam

Perhaps vegetarianism is rooted in Buddhism. When the Buddha propagated the teachings of the Buddha, he advised people to do good deeds. People should not kill and eat meat. Instead, there are foods that are of plant origin. Initially, vegetarian dishes appeared only in temples, temples and monasteries created them. When Buddhism became prosperous and spread widely, Buddhists began volunteering eat vegetarian dishes at home on the 15th and the 1st lunar month, even vegetarian all year round. Since then, Vietnam vegetarian dishes have become popular and sold in many eateries and restaurants. At present, you can eat vegetarian at anytime and anywhere in Vietnam.

Over time, Buddhism is growing and vegetarianism is growing. Vietnam vegetarian dishes are varied and colorful. It is part of a culture strongly influenced by Buddhism.

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Vietnam vegetarian dishes and interesting things

If you take the time to learn about religion, you can easily see that all have the same purpose and the idea is to encourage people to do good, not kill or do bad. Everybody should eat vegetarian to build a good world of peace. Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955), famous scholar of the twentieth century, said, “Nothing is good for human health to have the opportunity to live long on this planet by eating vegetarian”. So why don’t you try them?

Vietnam vegetarian dishes and interesting things

Vietnam vegetarian dishes provide four main groups of nutrients (protein, fat, starch, vitamins and minerals):

– Protein: green beans, tofu…

– Starch: potato, rice, legumes

– Fat: sesame, peanuts are rich in saturated fat is very good for people with cardiovascular disease, the elderly, patients with high blood pressure, people with disorders of blood dysfunction.

– Vitamins and minerals: green vegetables, fresh fruits.

On the other hand, there are many dishes for you to try from the North to the South of Vietnam. The following is the most special Vietnam vegetarian dishes that you have to taste when traveling to Vietnam:

Vietnam vegetarian dishes and interesting things


In vegetarian dishes in Vietnam, tofu is the most popular dish. You can catch this traditional food from anywhere, from small restaurants to luxury restaurants. The special food is made from soybeans and cut into pieces.

From tofu, skilled chefs have processed thousands of other dishes such as tofu soup, tofu tomato sauce, fried tofu…

Seaweed Soup

Seaweed Soup

Soup seaweed is a new dish in Vietnam and especially vegetarian seaweed soup makes us more experience. The leaves are soaked in water and chopped. Other ingredients include carrots, mushrooms, tofu to add color to the dish. This is a vegetarian dish that many people love so do not miss it!

Some vietnamese vegetarian salad recipes you can cook at home

Vegetarian noodles

Vegetarian noodles are dishes that have been around for thousands of years in Vietnam. However, now it has been improved and changed to become more delicious and beautiful. In the past, vegetarian noodles were simply noodles with cabbage or tofu but now there are many other ingredients like mushrooms, potatoes, carrots…

Vegetarian noodles

Eat Vegetarian at the Pagoda – Experience peace and intimacy.

If you come to Vietnam on a full moon or Buddhist festival, Vietnam vegetarian dishes at the pagodas are a special experience you must definitely try. Maybe it’s your first time or you do not like the feeling of free eating. But do not be shy, the pagoda is the space to receive everyone. You will feel very peaceful when you go into space in the temple. Everyone is sincere, forget the noises outside life. This is like going to find a corner of life too hastily.

Eat Vegetarian at the Pagoda - Experience peace and intimacy

Buddhists and monks will distribute rice for free to all. You just need to line up and get your part. I went to eat at many temples and each place gave me different feelings of serenity. Here are some tips when you are vegetarian at the pagodas:

  • When you come to the pagoda, remember to wear polite, not to wear short and open clothing. This is very simple if you respect the people around you and yourself.
  • When in the space of the temple, you should not say and laugh loudly. You know, the temple is a place of quiet and dignified space.
  • After you finish eating, you can voluntarily donate money at the merits box. This is a voluntary act, without any coercion.


In short, vegetarianism is a very healthy diet. If we exclude spiritual issues, only in terms of health, vegetarianism is good if people know and are advised correctly. This diet also ensures energy for the body to function, not excess, lack of vitamins and minerals, helps to improve health. Besides, Vietnam vegetarian dishes are increasingly diverse and quality is getting higher and higher. So why not fasting for at least a few days each month?

If you are planning to travel in Vietnam, it will be a great opportunity to enjoy Vietnam vegetarian dishes. The special taste, beautiful colors, good for health and you may like to eat vegetarian from there.

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